About us


Jerusalem Doors factory - one of the leading factories in Israel in the branch of manufacture and marketing of steel doors and frames. During the thirty years of its activity the factory has acquired a reputation for quality products, optimal service for every job and reasonable prices, with no mark-up. Our company's spacious factory is located in the Mishor Adumim Industrial Zone, and is equipped with the finest modern technology in the field of door manufacture. Thanks to the innovative control systems and the skilled work team, Jerusalem Doors is able to fill orders for any style and any quantity, while keeping within tight schedules.

Development and Implementation Department
At Jerusalem Doors we have a professional and skilled staff of experts always trying to develop the products of tomorrow. By way of many years of experience in this field, the staff members find the best way to supply the complete product, according to the wishes of the client and his needs.

Jerusalem Doors developed the mechanism that activates the door (multi-directional lock). This mechanism, manufactured in our factory under the highest standards, guarantees many long years of satisfaction. Our factory also manufactures the various parts that accompany the door.


The Marketing and Advertizing Array
The impressive showroom and factory outlet of Jerusalem Doors is located in the Talpiot Industrial Zone in Jerusalem. Here you can find every type of steel door at factory prices with no mark-up.

Our professional sales managers will be happy to avail you of their considerable knowledge, and to answer any question on technical aspects, on security or on design. Furthermore, the quality service of the factory does not end with the door. Our advisors accompany every client, whether a private individual, a contractor or an architect, from the beginning of the project through its completion, to total satisfaction.

Our Company's Products
• Steel doors with multi-directional locking
• Stylized and designer doors, baked-on paint, display windows and grillwork
• Fire-resistant doors
• Institutional doors for schools, kindergartens and offices - especially strong
• Shutter doors, Acoustic doors
• Violent break-in resistant doors (5 and 15 minute break-in times)
• Secure Holy Arks with swing-opening and sliding doors; built-in safe, secure and decorative
• Metal lintels for wooden and steel doors

Service and Installation Array
The Jerusalem Door Company has its own team of installers (not subcontractors). These installers have gone through special training and are completely familiar with the products of our factory. Thus, every installation is done only according to the requirements of the installation and the factory service. This insures service on the highest level and optimal functioning. Furthermore, our factory provides progressive locksmith services for all types of doors.


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