Holy Arks


Jerusalem Doors specializes in the construction and installation of Holy Arks according to special requirements. Our company has a 20 year reputation in constructing Arks in Israel and abroad.

1. Sliding or swinging steel doors.
2. Unique construction from a double layer of tempered steel, 3 mm. thick, for maximum protection from break-in.
3. Multi-directional lock of minimal size, without an outside moving handle, having a tempered cylinder with special armor.
4. The doors are made from a single unit without a lower panel (which weakens the strength of the door).
5. Tapestry finish or baked on paint.
6. Can be made with an outside decorative cover with the look of wood, aluminum tiles, the Twelve Tribes, or according to your
7. The inside secure area is built with insulation that protects against fire and dampness, from 3 mm. thick tempered steel.
8. The inner area is covered with fire resistant rug available in grey, blue or bordeaux.

We carry out special jobs according to requirements and plans.
We build Holy Arks into existing wooden structures with dismantling them or changing the external look of the hall.